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0800 772 3318

Lines Open 7 days A Week

We only install the best Upvc products on the market

Quality and certification


All Homeline roofline products are designed, tested and manufactured to the highest British Standards.  Kitemark



   Manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality Standard System

   Manufactured under ISO 14001 Environmental  Quality Standard Systems

   BSI certification Kitemarked

   BS 7619 Specification Kitemarked

   Fire BS 476 Part 7

   BS 6105 compliant



All Homeline upvc fascias and soffits are Lead and Tin free.


Homeline, Tried, Tested, Trusted!


Biological & chemical resistance


Homeline cellular foam profiles are compatible with most other traditional building materials. Cellular foam is resistant to bases, non-oxidising acids, salts, alcohols, minerals, fats and oils, but can be affected by chlorided solvents, petrol, toluene, xylene, acetone, esters and to a lesser degree oxidising acids. Homeline cellular foam does not support bacteria or mould growth and is resistant to wood boring insects and termites.


Environmental facts

In life cycle analyses and independent tests, the impact of PVC-U has been found to be favourable when compared with other manufactured materials used for construction. Homeline is also committed to minimising the impact of its operations on the environment by means of a programme of continuous improvement. Homeline have facilities for the recycling of PVC-U construction materials at the end of their useful lives. PCV-U is not toxic and presents no health hazard.





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Meets requirements of L1A, L1B 2010


• Fully certificated

• Thermally tested in accordance with EN12667

• High thermal resistance of 2.44m²K/W

• Class 1 Surface spread of flame

• Ideal for New build & Refurbishment

• Effective solar over-heating barrier

• Lightweight, thin & flexible

• Fast and simple installation

• Vapour control layer

SuperQuilt is a very flexible, easy to fit, multilayer insulation thermally tested in accordance with

EN12667 achieving a high thermal resistance of 2.44m²K/W for SuperQuilt accompanied by a

25mm air cavity either side of the material.


How does SuperQuilt Work?


Due to the special composition of multi-layers of insulation, SuperQuilt effectively deals with all forms

of energy transfer (i.e. conduction, convection and radiation). SuperQuilt works most effectively by

reflecting infra-red radiation. This means that not only is SuperQuilt effective in winter by reflecting heat back into the building and cold out, but also in summer Super-Quilt is a very effective solar over heating barrier reducing the need for Artificial cooling systems, preventing uncomfortable heat build up in the building

brody - tn - 2 UPVC Insulated

Reinforced heavy duty double foil laminated outer layers 2


Aluminium coated reflective foil PET layers 6


Thermo foam sepatation layers 8


Loft quilt 80g/sqm layers 3


Total layers 19

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