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Lines Open 7 days A Week

Our new electronically controlled tilt and turn conservatory ceilings offer all the benefits of a fixed ceiling keeping you warm in winter and cooler in summer with the added bonus that it can be opened and closed using an electronic key fob to allow light into your new comfortable room.


Made from lightweight aluminium the ceilings are manufactured to any size and can be supplied and fitted anywhere in the UK.  


  •    Change your conservatory into a usable room at the touch of a button

  •    Warmer in winter, cooler in summer

  •    Fully insulated

  •    Free bespoke design service

  •    Made from aluminium

  •    No planning permission needed

  •    Qualifies for 5% VAT

  •    Operated from an electronic key fob

  •    Patented electronic tilting design


The Latest In Conservatory Insulation Technology


Transition Ceiling

Exclusively from Comfortable Conservatories

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Many of our customers suffer from very similar problems where their conservatories are concerned. Way too hot in the Summer and way too cold in the Winter.


As a company, we have developed and designed effective remedies to these problems and ensured that our customers benefit from the latest innovations in the industry.


The Transition Ceiling (Patent Pending) is the result of years of development into producing the perfect solution to those customers who want to have the exact solution to their issues of heat control within their luxury room whilst wanting to maintain control over when and how they allow light into their conservatory.


The Transition Conservatory Ceiling from Comfortable Conservatories, allows you to choice exactly when you want to let the light in to your conservatory, controlling the amount precisely, and when to close the ceiling completely.


The lightweight aluminium fully insulated ceiling is operated simply by a hand held key fob. The patent pending electronic operation allows you to close off the ceiling completely to benefit from its insulated properties when you wish to have a room that can be used at any time regardless of the weather conditions outside. When you want to see the stars at night, or to allow the beautiful sunlight into your room, you have full control by simply pressing the button on your key fob.


Without doubt, the Transition Ceiling from Comfortable Conservatories is the biggest innovation in conservatory insulation for the last 10 years.


To get a FREE no obligation quotation on how this amazing new product can allow you to regain your precious extra space as a usable room 365 days a year, click here


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A Transition Ceiling is suitable for all conservatory styles and designs. It is typically installed within 1 day and benefits from a full 10 year insurance backed guarantee.


We are the region's leading installer

of fully guaranteed Conservatory

Insulation Systems.


We offer the widest range

of finishes and every

installation is carried out

by one of our team

of dedicated, fully

qualified tradesmen.

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Creates a stunning ceiling for your conservatory


Keeps your conservatory Warm in the Winter by reflecting your valuable heat back into your room through convection


Keeps your conservatory Cool in Summer by providing you with an effective, controllable shade from direct sunlight.


Creates a stunning ceiling for your conservatory


Lets you allow light into your conservatory at any time you choose.


Lets you enjoy the night sky whenever you wish at any time of year.


Gives you a fully controllable shade from direct sunlight allowing you to benefit from a beautiful day without glare ruining your enjoyment of your conservatory.


The Only Conservatory Roof Insulation System That Puts You Fully In  Remote Control and Enjoy The Benefits All Year Round.


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Available Exclusively From

Comfortable Conservatories In The South Of England

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