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Lines Open 7 days A Week

0800 772 3318

Lines Open 7 days A Week

Comfortable Roof Redesign Upgrade

The roof replacement system that gives you the most lightweight full roof replacement available on the market.


Our System has been tested and approved for the replacement conservatory roof market throughout the United Kngdom.


The Bespoke Tiled Conservatory Roof comprises of:


Timber Rafter Sub Frame - similar to the construction of a traditional house roof


100mm of Continuos Insulation - providing superb insulation and helping to create a 'u' Value of less than 0.18u.


Waterproof Breathable Membrane - allowing your new roof to breath.


Oriental Strand Board - producing a solid and strong base for the application of the tiles.


Treated Roofing Baton - all of the baton used within the roofing system is top grade treated baton which will not rot and resists attack from insects.



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Replace your conservatory roof with a tiled conservatory roof conversion from Comfortable Conservatories and transform your conservatory into the room you always wanted it to be. Use your conservatory all year round, for any purpose when you convert your conservatory roof.

Never Too Hot...... Never Too Cold.......









One of our fully trained, friendly,

professional consultants will visit you and give you advice and a quotation for your requirements.


They will do a full conservatory inspection and check to make sure your conservatory is suitable for a tiled roof upgrade. They will go through all of your colour options and lighting choices as well as providing you with a detailed and thorough accurate quotation.


Should you choose Comfortable Conservatories to carry out your conservatory roof conversion, your consultant will complete an order form and arrange for a full technical survey of your roof.



A qualified and experienced

surveyor will visit you to take

exact measurements of your existing structure for the purposes of manufacture.


The surveyor will double check all  of the frames and structure for integrity, including footings and internal strengthening in the existing window frames.


The surveyor will also do a full Construction Phase Plan, ensuring suitable access and adhering to all HSE directives in respect to works carried out in domestic dwellings.


This full survey is then sent to our manufacturing team.





Our full replacement

bespoke conservatory roofs are all fabricated prior to installation and put together in the factory prior to delivery to a customers house. This ensures that all of the materials and internal structure are ready for installation and will fit perfectly to your existing structure.


All of our installers have been fully trained and are experienced in all aspects of conservatory roof insulation and the installation of the bespoke tiled conservatory roof.


Installation typically takes 3 days including a plaster skim finish and any lighting requirements.


We are pleased to provide as

part of our service an appropriate certificate from the relevant Local Authority.


This process is straight forward and is dealt with by our internal administration team.


In addition to a Local Authority certificate, any electrical works carried out on your lighting will be signed off by a registered and qualified electrical engineer.


All of the workmanship and products are fully guaranteed for 10 years under our no quibble guarantee.


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