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0800 772 3318

Lines Open 7 days A Week


Many conservatories suffer from a number of insulation problems, making them very cold and uncomfortable during the winter and unbearably hot during the Summer.


Other problems may include misty or blown sealed units, ill fitting and unsecure doors and perhaps unattractive window designs. Insulated Conservatories offer a complete refresh service where we are able to take your conservatory back down to the brickwork and install the very latest energy efficient windows and doors along with

a beautiful new roof.


We are pleased to offer a FREE quotation and advice service to see what would be the best options for your conservatory.

Refresh your whole conservatory with new energy efficient windows, doors and roof... regain that extra special space

There’s a wealth of options when it comes to addressing the problems with your existing conservatory from complete replacement to a conservatory refurbishment project.


From the outside, guttering can be replaced, along with some of the claddings, or you couldeven upgrade to the Cornice product. This shrouds the gutter, providing a more contemporary look and feel. A conservatory refurbishment is a great investment for your home.


Whatever you do, rediscover your conservatory…



New windows, doors and even a conservatory roof design can make a radical transformation from your old conservatory.


Think of the options in glass and in our specialist products. We're the UK's leading replacement conservatory specialist.

Not only can we carry out conservatory roof replacement, but also your windows and doors, while retaining the existing conservatory base. This can open up a wealth of opportunities for new styles, colours and improved energy efficiency to make for a refurbish conservatory project.


When all of these elements are replaced, you can change the design of the roof, windows and doors. This is also the opportunity to change your tired old white conservatory for a traditional woodgrain option or a modern colour. We can also offer you enhanced levels of security with new types of high security locking mechanisms.


Depending on the shape and type of the existing installation, we may even be able to look at a completely bespoke conservatory design for you, or even a luxurious Orangery. Insulated Conservatories are pleased to offer you some FREE expert guidance about what you can achieve. And with a little imagination, we can make a complete transformation for you with a refurbish conservatory makeover.


Top 10 Tips


Looking at the options for your replacement conservatory/conservatory roof may look a little daunting at first. From conservatory repairs to a complete replacement project, we can provide you with free professional advice.


Have a look at our top ten tips to help give you a little direction!


1) Consider the purpose for the conservatory after you’ve finished the project


2) Look at the internal furnishings, flooring and furniture. It’s extended living space!


3) Establish a budget


4) For a conservatory go for one with a climate control, self cleaning glass roof


5) Also consider a tiled Garden Room or an Insulated Ceiling


6) Use energy efficient glass throughout the project


7) Consider changing the frames, this will enable you to add a new colour if required


8) Existing bases can be modified to accept bi-folding doors for a wow feature


9) Add cost effective upgrades e.g. Cornice which hides the gutter


10) Consider this a long-term investment, not a short-term fix for conservatory repairs.


To arrange for a FREE quotation or to chat to someone about the options for your conservatory upgrade, call us today on


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